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Fumo’s Rat-Pack of Pizzas


The Stefano Pizza

While the cold front passes and the wind rages, why not warm up and escape the cold with one of Fumo’s famous pizzas Napoletana? We call it the Rat-Pack, because much like their namesakes, this is a collection of smooth crooners that inspire you to muse about the big driving forces of life. Additionally, they are also renown and require no further explanation. However, for those poor, unfortunate souls who have yet to encounter our pizza, we offer the following to whet your appetites…

Fumo’s new pizza oven is up an running. However, like with most things in life, with great pizza oven comes great responsibility. Therefore Fumo now offers the famous four renditions of the Neapolitan classics: Margherita, Regina, Stefano and Dottor Paolo. With this comes the added bonus that each pizza, except our Margherita, is only R100.

Our Margherita is made with Fior di Latte mozzarella- which we’re told is nothing but the very best. For our Stefano pizza, we select the finest mozzarella and parma ham and top with parmesan shavings to create a melt-in-your-mouth experience. While Dottor Paolo is a cheesy affair that pulls at every vegetarian’s heart-strings: ricotta, mozzarella topped with melanzane. For the more daring palate, that likes heat and intense flavors, we add the sumptuous bonus of the Diavola. Chill and Calabrian salami- need we say more?

If you’re going gain some centimeters this winter, why not do it with the best pizza this side of Napoli?

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